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BMX Gate Start

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In BMX Racing, theres nothing more important than the holeshot...and it all begins with the gate start. The BMX Gate Start App serves as an invaluable training aid for BMXers looking to lock in their reaction to the UCI random cadence start. The authentic sounds, the random delay, the sequential lights...every area of the BMX Gate Start was built to simulate the starting cadence outlined by UCI Cycling Regulations, Part 6, Annex 3.With bright, bold, full-screen graphics with maximum contrast between "on" and "off" states, BMX Gate Start is perfect for use outdoors and with BMX gate systems that rely on the "green light" as the trigger.
BMX Gate Start also has random repeat options and works while the app is in the background, so you can put on your headphones, head to the parking lot, and use the cadence as part of your sprint workout.
Thank you for your support, and please rate and review the app so we can continue to improve your experience! Good luck and keep the rubber side down!